Feud Privacy Policy

Hi, this is our privacy policy for Feud. It was last updated on the 14th of May 2019.

Feud is a game by Bearwaves Ltd., a UK-registered company.

What we collect

We collect the following data:

What we do with this data

Email address

We ask for your email address if you use our account linking feature. It's used to log in to your account from other devices, and for password recovery.

Device information

We use this for analytics and to resolve issues. On iOS and Android, we use your device's unique identifier as a fingerprint for login. It isn't tied to your email address unless you link your account; logging out from that device will unlink these data points.

Where is this information stored?

We use PlayFab as our account management backend. You can see their terms here, which contain and link to their privacy information.

We hope this makes sense. Shoot an email to joel[at]bearwaves[dot]com if you have any queries.