Feud is a turn-based strategy board game for PC and mobile. Hone your skills against the AI, or take on the world in our online multiplayer mode!


Feud started life as a board game, designed by Dave Cordell. He quickly realised that it would work better as a video game, so got in touch with us. Dave's now part of Bearwaves, and Feud is getting close to release. We're super excited to share it!


  • Single player vs. AI, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
  • Totally free to play, with no pay-to-win mechanics.
  • Six different AI characters to challenge, with more to be added.
  • Online multiplayer with rankings, leaderboards and unlockable cosmetic items.


Gameplay Trailer (2017) YouTube

Teaser Trailer (2016) YouTube


Alpha signup form
We're currently alpha testing Feud! If you'd like to get involved, fill out the form at:
Soundtrack teaser
Listen to a sneak preview of Feud's soundtrack on

About Bearwaves

We're an indie game studio. We think bears are just great.
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More information on Bearwaves, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Feud Credits

Joel Auterson
Dave Cordell
Art, Rules
William Watson
Music, SFX